Volunteer Interest Form (Valencia Campus)

Work Entry

We first want to thank you for your interest in coming alongside us at Real Life Church to help people find and follow Jesus. Upon completion of this form, you will be contacted to continue the volunteer process. Depending on the volunteer role, you may be subject to a background check.

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By submitting this request to volunteer at Real Life Church, you are agreeing without verbal or mental reservation to uphold the following volunteer expectations:

  1. Commit to the ministry of Real Life Church:
    1. Love people and Love God through serving.
    2. Participate in the strategy of Real Life Church by attending the weekend services.
  2. View serving as a spiritual next step (spiritual formation):
    1. Recognize that we are all given gifts to be used in service.
    2. Recognize service is an opportunity for spiritual development (John 15:16-17).
    3. Recognize service is an expectation of followers of Jesus (Romans 12:4-8).
  3. Commit to serving with excellence (quality of service):
    1. God deserves our best so I will serve with a positive outlook and offer my best (Colossians 3:23 and Proverbs 3:9).
    2. Dress respectfully and modestly at all times.
  4. Commit to the values and leadership of Real Life Church (guidance of leadership):
    1. Work in cooperation with church leadership.
    2. Disagreements will be addressed using a biblical model (Matthew 18: 15-17).
    3. Contribute to the health of Real Life Church by avoiding gossip, and humbly dealing with offense.